APA 6th referencing

A guide to APA referencing (6th edition). APA stands for American Psychological Association

Health Material

 See the examples below for the library's suggestion on how to cite and reference some of the specific Health related references
Please contact you lecturer to see if they wish you to use another form of reference for Health resources.

Lippincott Procedures

Lippincott procedures. (2019). Blood pressure assessment, Pediatric. Retrieved from

       Lippincott Procedures Database

In text citation: (Lippincott Procedures, 2019) …. Or according to Lippincott Procedures (2019), …

Lippincott Advisor

Lippincott Advisor. (2018). Diabetes mellitus (type 2). Retrieved from Lippincott Advisor


  In text citation: (Lippincott Advisor, 2018) …. Or according to Lippincott Advisor (2018), …

DHB policies : Clinical guidelines on the Auckland District Health Board website

Stirling, J., Hamer, M., & Hughes, B. (2016). Dopamine for use in paediatric cardiology. Retrieved November 22, 2017, from https://www.starship.org.nz/guidelines/dopamine-for-use-in-paediatric-cardiology/

In text citation: (Stirling, Hamer & Hughes, 2016).

Medsafe datasheet

 Medsafe. (2019, Jan, 11th). Abilify tablets. [Data Sheets]. Retrieved from  https://www.medsafe.govt.nz/profs/Datasheet/a/Abilifytab.pdf

In text citation: (Medsafe, 2019). Or according to Medsafe (2019), …


Waitemata District Health Board. (2019). PA Chest [x-ray image]. Waitakere Hospital

       Archive. Retrieved from http://

In text citation beneath the image:

Figure 1. Caption and Hospital or hospital only if you choose so

Figure 1. Chest x-ray posterior view (Waitemata District Health Board, 2019).

Before the  Reference list, add a section to categorize and give credit to all the figures according to the different hospitals where the images were taken.

e.g. Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand, Auckland, Figs, 1-5, 2-7,2-8, etc.

Note: It is important to  Identify the hospital for your reference.

Radiology Report

Morris, L. (2014, June 12). Left forearm. Orlando: Florida Radiology Imaging Princeton. Florida Hospital Fish Memorial.

In text citation:  (Morris, June, 2014)

Data Files

Department of Planning and Community Development. (2013). Projected population by

            age and sex: Vic RVic MSD 2006-2056 [Data file]. Retrieved from  https://www.data.gov.au/dataset/

In text citation: (Department of Planning and Community Development, 2013).