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Mendeley Alert

An update for Mendeley users!

Mendeley Web Library has been updated and is now called Mendeley Reference Manager, effective from 7th Sept 2020. Mendeley Desktop remains available for use. See here for details.

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About Mendeley

Mendeley is a free, cloud-based, citation and PDF manager as well as an academic social network. This referencing software allows you to find, manage, store and cite your sources and access them online on any device.  Unitec Library offers Mendeley workshops for students and staff.

Create a Mendeley Account, then Download Mendeley Software



Please ensure you download these 3 components: Mendeley Desktop (the software); Web Importer; and Citation Plug-in.

Refer to FAQ 'How do I make it work' for further information.

The new version Mendeley Reference Manager will require you to get Mendeley Cite and Web Importer. However, we currently cannot download Mendeley CIte application due to Microsoft Office restriction. Temporarily, please use Mendeley Desktop.

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Mendeley Apps

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Mendeley Workshops