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LibrarySearch Help

How to find course readings

In LibrarySearch, you can find your course readings by course code, course name or even  tutor or lecturer's name.

  1. On the library home page, type in your course codecourse name or tutor/lecturer's name in the search box, and check the Course readings button.
  2. In the search results, find the title you want. You will find course details under each title.
  3. The coloured dot indicates the availability of the material.
  4. Click Find in Library button to check the locations and availability of your book.
  5. See how to find your book on the shelf.

What if the course reading is not available?

Sometimes you may find the item on the course reading is not available. You can see in the catalogue by

  1. The coloured dot is grey.
  2. The availability status is 0 available.
  3. The status is On loan until a time in future.

You can place a booking request on this item so that it will be held for you at the time you have booked it.  See how to place a booking request.

What if my course reading is not under the Course readings tab?

If you cannot find your course reading under the Course reading tab:

  1. Try searching by the title or author of the book under the Course reading tab.
  2. Use the Catalogue tab and search by title or author (or Articles-Express tab if the item is an article). 

NOTE*: If you still cannot find your book, please speak to your lecturer or tutor.  They may not have informed the library of the readings for your course.