Distance Services

A guide to the services provided by Unitec library for our Distance students

Distance Service: frequently asked questions on Distance Service

Do I have to pay to have books sent out to me?

It doesn’t cost you anything to have books/CDs/dvds sent out to you.   A prepaid envelope for each item sent to you will be include to return items to the Library,

Can I have interloans posted to me?

Postgraduate students may request 40 interloans a year.  You can request through distance or use the Interloan forms at https://guides.unitec.ac.nz/interloans. Requests for theses from other institutions cannot be supplied via interloan as all theses are lent as reference items and cannot be posted on.  We would recommend that you try your local public library if you require a thesis to be ordered via interloan.

How do I renew online?

Your books are automatically renewed twice by the library's computer system.  Automatic renewal will not happen if

  •    Some one else has placed a request on the item
  •    You have already had two renewals
  •    You owe the library more than $5.00 in fines

How do I pay fines?

There are three options open to you.

  1. Pay using the Student Portal (MyPortal).
  2. You can pay in the library the next time you are in Auckland.
  3. Pay online with a bank transfer

Please don’t send cash!

Can I have reference items posted to me?

This is reviewed on a case by case basis.  We may send it out to you or offer to photocopy a chapter. We do not post Unitec theses to students as these can only be viewed in the library.  Some Unitec theses are online.  Try searching the Research Bank for the author’s name to see if it is there: https://unitec.researchbank.ac.nz

How much of a journal article or a book can be photocopied for me?

One chapter of a book can be photocopied.  If it's from a journal issue- one article.  Additional chapters or articles from the same book or journal issue cannot be supplied at a later date.

Why can’t I place my own holds?

If you place your own hold we won’t know to send it out to you and it will end up sitting on the holds shelf in the library.  Making your requests through us means the items you need are sent out to you faster. 

Can I still come into the library to borrow books?

 Absolutely.  Just remember to always bring your I.D. card along with you.

Contact information

Distance Services
Unitec Library
Unitec Institute of Technology
Private Bag 92025
Auckland, 1142

Phone: 09 892 8625

Email: distance@unitec.ac.nz