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A one-stop-shop for anything eTV related ....

Do we have to request that items from Free to Air TV be recorded?

eTV records all main nightly News and Current Affairs from TVOne, TV3, Prime and Maori. 

eTV records also everything on the Screenrights Weekly TV Guide.

eTV also records all documentaries of obvious, educational value from the SKY Channels.

The recording technology holds a 24/7 continuous capture of all the Free To Air channels. You can request for a programme to be permanently added to eTV for up to 2 weeks post broadcast.

For requests for SKY and International programmes, an advance request of at least one-working-day is needed.

When Unitec Library requests eTV record a programme, eTV proceeds to record all programmes in that series without further request.

Coming soon, eTV v4.0 will have a guide that shows what programme requests are due to be recorded. 

Will eTV shows work on my iPad?

Yes all the archived shows will work with your IPAD, but the 'live television' feeds won't

How do I get etv programmes on to my iPad?

Using iTunes is a great way to view eTV programmes on an iPad. 

Here is another way that allows you to manage files on your iPhone/iPad just like Windows Explorer on your PC. And to use a wider variety of video file types too.

  • Download iFunBox for either your PC or MAC.
  • Download  iFileExpress HD from App Store onto your iPad
  • Download the eTV programme (post 2011 files use the .MP4 format) onto your PC or MAC.
  • You can then drag and drop using iFunBox to import to your iPad. Put it in the iFileExpress folder for movies. Then use iFileExpress HD to watch the programme.

What is the quality of eTV programmes?

Generally, eTV will detect your broadband speed and adjust the picture quality accordingly. The best quality setting is used when your connection speed is 720 kbps or higher - this setting is not quite HD quality, but close.

Programmes that were added to eTV prior to 2011 are of a lesser quality than ones added after this date.

How many shows are on eTV? How many channels?

As of mid-2014 there were over 30,000 videos on eTV with 25,000 programmes in TV recording from NZ and intermational news and language TV channels.

There are over 40 TV channels being recorded.

Can I upload Youtube clips to eTV?

Unitec staff and librarians cannot legally upload Youtube clips to eTV .... however, eTV staff  are allowed to upload Youtube clips to eTV on your behalf. If you do want a Youtube clip uploaded to eTV, you can contact eTV and discuss this with Campell (phone 09 300 6880 )

What if the file is not an .MP4 file, but the earlier .MOV file format?

You can still use iFileExpess HD  to import onto your iPad.

This time put the etv progamme file in the folder for a different player : 
MKV player available from here:

As well as .MOV and MKV files, this player also supports  AVI, XVID, MOV, MP4 and FLV formats.