Ebooks at Unitec Library

How to get the best use of the ebooks provided by Unitec Library.

Downloading e-books to your device

It is possible to download entire e-books or chapters of e-books to your device.

From a ProQuest Ebook Central e-book

Downloading a whole e-book

There are two possible ways to download an e-book.

Option 1

For most e-books, you need an extra piece of software.  The way to do this depends on the device you are downloading the e-book to.

For downloading to computers and laptops, you need the free software Adobe Digital Editions.

For downloading to devices that have apps (e.g. phones, tablets, Kindle Fire), you need the Bluefire Reader App.

Both of these options require you to create a free Adobe ID. 

Option 2

A few of our e-books are available to download in full to PDF format. 

Note: Ebooks are only able to be downloaded for up to 21 days (at a time).

Downloading to a Laptop/Computer


Downloading to a Mobile Device


Downloading a Chapter of an e-book to PDF

It is often possible to download a whole chapter of an e-book.  Here are the steps.

1. Open the book by clicking on 'Read Online'. 

2. Go to the chapter you want to download.

3. Click on the pdf iconicon. 

4. On the next screen, hit 'Continue'. 

The chapter you are in should now download to PDF format. 

From a different e-book provider

Look for instructions online if you are unsure what to do or contact your Subject Librarian.  


Want to read an e-book on both your laptop/computer and your app-based device?

It is possible to read an e-book on both your laptop/computer (using Adobe Digital Editions) and on your app-based device (using the Bluefire Reader App).

The easiest way to do this is:

1. On your laptop/computer, go and find the e-book you want, and then download the e-book to your laptop/computer using Adobe Digital Editions (see the instructions in the central section of this page.)

2. On your app-based device, use your browser to go and find the same e-book, and download the e-book to your app-based device using the Bluefire Reader App (see the instructions in the central section of this page.)

If this doesn't work, there is another option, but it is a longer and more difficult process The instructions are on the document below.