EndNote X8

EndNote is a computer program which can help with referencing and intext citations for your studies.

Long Documents and Chapters

When using Word and EndNote with a long document (over 80 pages) is it advised to split the document into different chapters.  There have been problems with documents longer than this that confuse the EndNote program.

When using EndNote a reference list will be produced at the end of each chapter.  Once the thesis has been finalised the chapters need to be combined together to create one document with one reference list at the end.

1) Copy each chapter.  Make a copy of each chapter, these will be the documents you work on.  If anything goes wrong you will then still have your original documents to start again with.

2) Unformat citations.  Open each copied document in Word.  From the EndNote menu click on Convert Citations and Bibliography. Then click on Convert to Unformatted Citations.  This will remove the reference list from the end of the document and change the in-text citation to look as follows {Smith, 199 #13}. Save these changes.

3) Combine the chapters. Open the first chapter document and also the second chapter document.  Copy the whole of second chapter and paste it at the end of chapter one.  Continue to copy and paste all other chapters in order into the chapter one document. Save this document.

4) Format citations in the thesis. Open the document you saved above. From the EndNote menu click on Update Citations and Bibliography.  This will format all the references and create a single reference list at the end of the document. Save these changes.  This is now your master copy of your finalised thesis.

(NOTE. Unformating the reference (at step 2) disables the instant formatting in Word.  If you want to turn it back on go to the Bibliography Preferences by clicking on the arrow at the very bottom of the Bibliography group. Then select the Instant Formatting tab and click on the Turn On button).


Create separate bibliographies to chapters in a single document

You are writing a manuscript that contains several chapters. You would like to display a reference list at the end of each chapter but not at the end of the manuscript. The latest EndNote version can help you accomplish this task. You just need to do two things:

(Important NOTE: You can apply only ONE REFERENCING STYLE to a single document)

From the EndNote Library: modify the style

  1. In the menu bar, go to Edit, click Output Styles, and then Open Style Manager and choose the style you are using, for example, APA 6th Unitec 17.
  2. Click Edit and then click Sections from the left-hand panel when the style window opens. This allows you to create multiple reference list for a single Word document.
  3. Check “Create a bibliography for each section”.
  4. Save the style as a modified version, such as APA 6th Unitec 17 Separate Sections.

On the Word document: insert section break to each chapter and APPLY the modified style

For Mac Users (Word 2011),

  1. Separate each chapter by clicking Insert then Section Break.
  2. Go to Tools, click EndNote, then Configure Bibliography making sure the style is set to the one you just modified, such as APA 6th Unitec 17 Separate Sections.
  3. Word document will automatically update the references and display them after each chapter.

For PC Users (Word 2010),

  1. Separate each chapter by clicking Layout then Break. Choose Next Page under Section Breaks.
  2. Click the EndNote tab on Word
  3. Click the arrow at the right corner of Bibliography 
  4. Configure Bibliography window opens making sure the style is set to the one you just modified, such as APA 6th Unitec 17 Separate Sections
  5. Word document will automatically update the references and display them after each chapter