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Learning Advisors Appointments

Question Answer
How many appointments can I make? We ask that you only make one appointment with a Learning Advisor at a time.  After your appointment the learning advisor may make another appointment with you if they believe it would be beneficial to you.
I don't know who to choose.  What do I do? Work out what you need help with and select the group according the selection buttons.  From there select the location you would like to have the appointment, and click on the button.  Choose "Anyone - I don't know who to choose".  When you choose an available time slot, the booking system will select who is available at that time.
Is there an advisor associated with my subject area? Learning Advisors are aligned with particular schools. This does not mean they have in-depth knowledge of the courses and/or content of assignments.  All advisors will be able to help you with academic writing and study skills.
Where do I meet my Learning Advisor?

You will receive a confirmation of your appointment and a reminder email 1 day before the appointment.  This email will tell you where to go.See​studentappointments  If your appointment is at Te Puna, you can ask at the Ask Me desk and they will direct you to the correct place. 

How can I cancel my appointments? In your confirmation and reminder emails, there is a cancellation link at the bottom of the email.  Click on this to cancel your booking.
Why can't I make an appointment more than 3 weeks in advance? We want to help you when you need it. 

Can't find the help you need?  You can also contact us by emailing: