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Student Success group

LibCal and bookings

This page is to help Unitec Student Success staff manage bookings by students

Setting up your Zoom account

LibCal can link with ZOOM to allow students to select a Zoom meeting.  A Zoom meeting will automatically be created in your Zoom account, and the link to this Zoom meeting is sent to you and the student.  This appointment will also appear in your Outlook calendar.

  1. BEFORE you start this process please contact Yvonne to ensure your emails/settings have been updated to include Zoom.
  2. Get an Zoom account under your Unitec email address.  
  1. Log into LibCal and click on your email address (Top Right hand side in orange bar)
  2. Select Integrations tab, and ask for authorisation with Zoom. This will take you to Zoom, and you will need to authorize within there.
  3. In LibCal go to Appointments -> Availability, and set up your availability for Online Zoom.
  4. CHECK:
    1. Go to Appointments page, and click on the My Landing Page link under the calendar.
    2. See where this link takes you.  Note that there may be a dropdown where different locations can be selected.  UPDATE the words here within Appointments -> My Settings -> Appointment Instructions/Directions.
    3. Go to the page were the students will make an appointment from AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOURSELF.
    4. Check the emails that the student will be receiving – do they make sense?
    5. Check the emails that YOU are receiving – do they make sense?
    6. Is the booking appearing in your Outlook calendar?
    7. Is the booking appearing in your Zoom account?

For help with Zoom itself please contact Unitec's Zoom specialists (Malcolm Hay or William Lu)