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Databases that need special passwords

Usernames and passwords for the databases below can be found on the Unitec Library database access Moodle page.

  • AAO Journal (American Academy of Osteopathy)
  • Autodata
  • The Data Book: New Zealand's screen production directory
  • New Zealand Government Directory
  • QV Costbuilder (Rawlinsons)- First book a time Click to book a QV login. Then follow emailed instructions to get password.

Access to Biogecko Journal is also available through the Unitec Library – database access Moodle page.

How do I find the password I need?

  1. Log into the Unitec Library – database access Moodle page.  If you need assistance with your Moodle login, please contact IT Support.

  2. The first time you log into this Moodle page, you will need to enrol, as below.

  3. When you are in the Unitec Library – database access Moodle page, scroll down to find the information about the database you want to access and follow the link to the relevant log in page.

  4. Type in the related username and password carefully. You may not be allowed access if you cut and paste these details incorrectly.