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Zotero is a reference management software that enables you to do all of the following:

  • collect and create new references
  • store references in both desktop and online account that can sync
  • organise ;and search references
  • add notes to your references
  • link to full text, web pages and documents
  • snapshot website and save it in your library
  • import PDFs
  • cite your references and create bibliographies in MS Word or other word processors

Zotero has these useful features:

  • Free storage for up to 300 MB
  • It's 'magical wand' allows you to search and add references by using identifier such as ISBN or DOI
  • References import is very easy with Zotero Connector - just use right mouse click
  • Snapshot of webpages can be saved into my library
  • Zotero Connector sits in browser as well as right-click of mouse

Download the software from the website

The software is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux. Once you have download the software, download the Zotero Connector which sits in your browser. Then install Zotero Plug-in, which allows you to add citation and bibliographic references from Mendeley into your document

Refer to Zotero Documentation

You need both the Zotero Web and desktop to effectively use this software. The Web version allows you to access your 'Library' from multiple devices, import references, update your profile, etc. However, when you are working on your document, it works better with Zotero desktop.

While both referencing management software have Web and desktop versions and both assist you to manage your references, the following are some distinct features,

  1. You get 2GB free storage from Mendeley while Zotero offers you 300MB free storage
  2. Zotero works well with websites while Mendeley works well with pdf.
  3. You can save webpages with snapshot.
  4. You can use both as your 'academic social networking' platform.

Click the blue tab 'Mendeley or Zotero' for detailed comparison

Social network comparison between Mendeley, Zotero, ResearchGate and Academia is also available here