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DIY Prep

This LibGuide helps students prepare for their Unitec programme.

DIY Prep for the Certificate in Applied Technology (Carpentry)

We've prepared this page of great online resources to help you revise the knowledge and skills you'll use on the programme.  Once you're a Unitec student, you'll have access to a wide variety of support services.  Meanwhile, we hope you find these resources helpful.

Suggested Preparatory Maths

Below are links to the mathematics topics you'll find useful to know before beginning this programme.  

If you find yourself needing a bit of help with these concepts, check out our Bridging Education programme! 

Technology Skills

You will find it useful to have basic skills in computers and computer applications. Below are links to free online tutorials at GCF that can help you sharpen skills you will use during your time on this programme.

If you prefer in-person help, click the link below to check out Unitec's Free4U Computing courses in Henderson.

Bridging Education

If you would like classroom support to prepare for a programme, check out Bridging Education at Unitec. Bridging Education programmes can help you gain the skill, knowledge, and confidence you need to succeed.