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Academic Skills for Success

Our Learning Advisors have put together materials and videos to help you achieve academic success. This page includes Powerpoints from the various workshops and additional resources. Some recordings are available within Moodle (click on the link provided)

What is academic writing?

Learn about

  •  the 6 features of academic style, and
  • 25 things you need to do for great academic writing.

How can I write the perfect paragraph?

Project/dissertation writing

What is reflective writing?


•    6 reflective models, and 
•    reflective style and how to avoid common issues.

How can I express my ideas and critical voice in writing?

Learn about
  • critical reasoning, and
  • how to show analysis.

The material and the session recordings are protected by copyright. Students are to use the recorded lectures for their own private study only and are not to share them with third parties or upload them to any sites. Failure to comply with this can result in legal consequences