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Maths and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics

Do you know the topic you need help with? Try DIY maths.

If you're studying a programme that requires competency in maths, and you know what topic you need help with then the modules in DIY Maths can help you to refresh your skills or study new content. Within a module, you’ll find video lessons, content links, games, downloadable worksheets, practice quizzes, and links to 24/7 maths tutors.  Every module also provides search tips, so you can find your own information to supplement your learning.  

Not sure what topic you need help with? Try our course-related boxes (see above).

If you are not sure what topic you need help with then try browsing the topics from the boxes above. These modules have selected topics from DIY maths and other resources. Also you will find printable handouts to learn and practice your maths skills.

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Free Mathematics Resources

  • Khan Academy  Icon  Icon
    There are hundreds of videos, forums and quizzes on the Khan Academy website ranging from mathematics to economics. If you get a login, you can track your progress!
  • Mathisfun  Icon  Icon  Icon is a fantastic resource for basic maths through trigonometry. The site is colourful and engaging and includes lots of interactive exercises and quizzes.
  • Mathwarehouse  Icon holds an enormous variety of free online calculators and solvers.
  • Mathsphere  Icon is a great resource of many different types of maths paper that you can download and print.
  • WolframAlpha  Icon  Icon  Icon  Icon
    Explore mathematics with virtual manipulatives, problem solvers and visual solutions at Wolfram Alpha. Highly recommended if you like to explore!
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Ready for some advanced mathematics? Check out these free online resources put together by top mathematicians and scientists!