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This is a Unitec Library guide to help you use the cloud based reference management tool Mendeley

Migrating from Endnote

To import your EndNote library, you first need to export your references to an 'EndnoteXML' file and then import that into Mendeley Desktop

  1. Open EndNote and select File > Export
  2. Select the references that you want to import into Mendeley Desktop
  3. In the window that appears, look for a box labeled 'Files of type' or 'Save as type' and select 'XML(*.xml)'
  4. Enter a name for the file
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. Open Mendeley Desktop
  7. Click 'File' and select 'Add Files'
  8. Select the file that you exported from EndNote and click 'Open'

In addition to the EndNote XML format, you can also export references to Bibtex and RIS format in EndNote to import into Mendeley Desktop. To do this,

  1. Open EndNote and select 'Edit'
  2. Click on 'Output Styles' and select 'Open Style Manager'
  3. In the list that appears, tick 'Bibtex Export' and 'RefMan (RIS) Export'
  4. Close the window and go to 'File'
  5. Click 'Export'
  6. Select 'Text File'
  7. In the box labeled Output Style, select either 'Bibtex Export' or 'RefMan (RIS) Export'
  8. In the filename field, enter a name ending in ".bib" for Bibtex or ".ris" for 'RIS" export
  9. Click 'Save'
  10. Close EndNote and open Mendeley Desktop
  11. Click 'Add Files' and select 'Add Files'
  12. Browse for the file(s) you exported from EndNote and click 'Open'
  13. Your references will be now be imported into Mendeley under 'My Library'
  14. Once you are finished importing your files, be sure to click 'Sync' at the rop of the page. This will synchronise your Mendeley Desktop data with you Mendeley Web account.