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Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate resources

The resources available in the Study Toolbox focus on some key aspects of postgraduate study including writing literature reviews, research proposals, critical writing and academic reading at the postgraduate level.  As well as using these resources, remember you can make a one-to-one appointment to work with an Learning Advisor in Student Learning and Achievement to discuss your research and writing.

In a session we can ask critical questions, discuss the structure and clarity of a piece of writing, and give feedback on referencing amongst other things.  While we do not replace the role of a supervisor, postgraduate students report having a place to engage in critical conversations about their academic work in a focused way is extremely useful.

Another way we support students to develop their knowledge and skill of postgraduate study is through the Learning Centre postgraduate workshops.  These workshops are offered during semester and are available to be booked online

Additional resources available to postgraduate students