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Key Study Skills

Delivery Skills

Oral Presentations - Delivery

Your presentation will be much more effective if you have the interest of your audience, they can hear clearly and can follow the sequence of your ideas.

Some key ideas to consider are:

Make sure your audience hears it

  • Speak loudly enough for everyone to hear
  • Speak slowly
  • Pause at the end of each sentence
  • Practice pronouncing words you are unfamiliar with

Make sure your audience remains interested

  • Look at your audience (eye contact)
  • Vary the tone of your voice
  • Think about how you stand and move (body language)
  • Use visual aids and cue cards to remain you of the main points
    • Try not to read
    • Try not to memorise
  • Be enthusiastic and lively - you have to "sell" your information
  • Use voice and gesture to stress keywords and phrases

Practise and practise

  • In front of a mirror
  • To family and friends
  • With a recorder or video camera

Prepare for questions

  • Predict possible questions and prepare answers