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Information on Grammarly for students at Unitec

Activate my licence, and install Grammarly Guide

NOTE: The Grammarly Premium rollout here at Unitec is the second stage of a two year Pilot. We have funded 5000 licences available to staff and students registered in specific programs at Unitec. Once we have exhausted our licence pool, we may increase. However, this is not guaranteed. 

Step 1

Either click on the link below or copy & paste it into your Internet browser to be taken through to the Office 365 portal. You need to enter your Unitec email address (for example:


Step 2

You will then see the Unitec Sign in the window (as below). You need to enter your Unitec password (this is the same password you use to sign in to Unitec computers and Wifi)

Step 3

You have now successfully activated your Grammarly Premium Licence. You can now download and install the various versions of Grammarly by clicking the "Apps" tile on the left-hand side.

Need help?

If you experience any issues with your activation, please contact our AT Advisor by Email.