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Information on Grammarly for students at Unitec


Installation Guide - Students

As Grammarly is in the "Pilot" stage here at Unitec, and due to the strong interest we have received from both staff and students alike, we have allocated all of our available licences at this time. However, I would encourage you to get the free version currently offered through Grammarly by clicking the link HERE.

After you have received notification that your licence has been activated by Unitec you need to follow the steps listed below to fully activate your licence. 

NOTE: If you have not received an email advising that your licence has been allocated, the steps below WILL NOT WORK. If you have not received this email and are interested in getting Grammarly please follow the instructions on the previous page Get Started

Step 1

Click on the this link to be taken through to the Office 365 portal. You need to enter your Unitec email address (e.g.

Step 2

You will then see the Unitec Sign in window (as below). You need to enter your Unitec password (this is the same password you use to sign in to Unitec computers and Wifi)

Step 3

You have now successfully activated your Grammarly Premium Licence. You can now download and install the various versions of Grammarly by clicking the "Apps" tile on the left hand side.

Apple Users

Apple Users who use the in-app Add-ins menu (image below), you need to make sure you choose Admin Managed tab in the pop up window as this is where the Grammarly icon will be located. If this doesn't work for you, please contact the AT Advisor through the contact details below.

Add ins menu

Add ins popup menu


If you experience any issues with your activation please get in touch with our AT Advisor by Email