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Assistive Technology

Welcome to the Assistive Technology LibGuide for Unitec Polytechnic

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) is specialised equipment and technology that students with additional learning requirements use in class and in the home environment, to increase or improve their ability to engage and learn.

What equipment or software is available?

We have a number of software and equipment you can engage with while you study at Unitec. For more information on this, click HERE for equipment, or HERE for software

Who can apply for assistive technology?

To be eligible to apply or trial assistive technology during their studies at Unitec, they must:
  • Be enrolled in a current or prospective programme at Unitec
  • Have a specific learning or health related difficulty that could create a barrier to their studies at Unitec
  • Be registered with the Access4Success Disability service. If you are not currently registered, please click HERE and our Access Advisor will make a time with you to walk you through this. 


How do I apply?

If you are interested in engaging with one, or a selection of the equipment and software we have available you can do so by clicking the link HERE. Fill in your details, and our AT Advisor will get in contact with you directly to make an appointment. 

For students who do not meet all the above criteria, support is still available pending discussion with the AT Advisor. Click HERE to get in touch.