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Map that shows location of marae in Aoteroa

Iwi maps includes place names in Aotearoa

The hāpu and iwi of Tāmaki Makarau

Website for Unitec's Te Noho Kotahitanga marae

The Drawing Board

Hosted by Professor Derek Kawiti, this eight-part series looks at modern Māori architecture and design philosophy.

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Kia ora, welcome to the Matauranga Maori resources page for Architecture students. This is a collection of links to resources related to Matauranga Māori principles that are useful for your study. 

Feedback is welcome, please share ideas for resources that would be useful on this page; get in touch with Laura Sawyer, Librarian for Architecture or Donna Salmon who looks after the Te Kohinga Maori Collection at Unitec and liaises across Maori, Business and Bridgepoint subjects.

Te Aranga Principles - Auckland Design Manual Outcome-based principles, listing core Māori values, case-studies, "Te Aranga Māori Design Principles were developed by Māori design professionals as a response to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol" 

Watch this video from 2017, Dr. Johnson Witehira on  Decolonizing Design in Aotearoa, Master of Design Speaker Series, December 5, 2017

Example of design led by Matauranga Māori principles, from Fly  

Urbis magazine article Inside the Aotearoa House about an exhibition of Unitec Design student work that embodies Matauranga Māori principles 

Professor Deidre Brown - Ngā Toi Mōrehu: The Arrival, Survival and Revival of Māori Art and Architecture - YouTube clip

Articles referring to Matauranga Māori principles in Architecture

Schmidt, T. (2018). "...who comes first:[Māori] interests or architectural interests?": Three heritage cases challenging identity and institutions in New Zealand. Fabrications, 28(2), 136-159.

Halliday, J. & Bennett, B. (2019).  Tūranga Christchurch Central Library, [New Zealand]: In what is, perhaps, the first truly architecturally and socially significant civic building completed in Christchurch since the earthquakes, Architectus and Danish practice Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects have created a new form of culturally responsive and place-based architecture.  Architecture New Zealand, Jan-Feb(1), 36-46.

Hoete, A. (2020). The house as ancestor: A tale of Māori social value. Architectural Design, 90(4), 112-119.

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Voyde, E. & Morgan, T.K.K.B. (2012)  Identifying commonalities between indigenous values and current sustainable design concepts in Aotearoa New Zealand.  AlterNative, 8(2), 215-229.

Marques, B., McIntosh, J., & Carson, H.  (2019).  Whispering tales: Using augmented reality to enhance cultural landscapes and indigenous values.  AlterNative, 15(3), 193-204.

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