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Scholarships and Mentoring

Many staff are currently working from home. 
Please select appointments that can be held online if possible - either by phone or by Zoom.
You will be contacted at the time of your appointment, if not before

Scholarships are available for students to assist with the costs associated with their studies.

There are a variety of scholarships available. We highly recommend looking at our website and searching the various types of characteristics, some of which include Maori, Pacific, School Specific, etc.

We also encourage you to chat with our Advisor about what scholarships are available and get some tips on how to complete a scholarship application.

If you have any questions, please book with a Scholarships advisor, or email

Check out the current status of scholarships

Using the filters, you can check to see which scholarships are current open and their values.

To see full details of the scholarship and how to apply. please click on the name of the scholarship.

NOTE: You may be asked to log in to see the spreadsheet.  Click on the button in the middle of the box, using your Unitec email address.