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Scholarships and Mentoring

Application and Eligibility FAQs

How do I find a scholarship suitable for me?
There are a variety of scholarships, grants and awards available for Unitec students. Visit our website at to find the best opportunity for you, or see the spreadsheet applying filters as necessary,  or reach out to our team to discuss:

How do I apply for a Scholarship, Grants and/or Award?
Firstly, check that you meet all requirements. If you satisfy all requirements, you will be guided on how to apply. Most cases, you can make an application online. Click Apply now and you will be redirected to an online application form.

How long does a scholarship application take?
Generally, application can take 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure you take your time when applying for a scholarship, grant and/or award. Once you start an application, do not close or refresh your application as all information may be lost. Applying for a scholarship can be very similar to applying for a job, its important you share information that shows you meet the criteria for the scholarship and give those reviewing your application insight into who you are and how this scholarship will benefit you.

Can I get help for the application process?
Yes, we encourage scholarship applicants to seek support from our scholarship adviser team. You can book an appointment for scholarship support yourself or by contacting the Ask Me desk on 0800 10 75 10. Alternatively, you can send an email to

I am a returning student, is there a scholarship opportunity for me?
There are Scholarship, Grants and Awards available whether you are new, or returning to study at Unitec. Simply go to to find out if you meet all selection requirements.

What if I am eligible for Fees free?
If you are awarded a scholarship for fees but meet the fees free requirement that covers your fees. The dedicated amount will be granted to you the following year, on the basis that you continue to meet all scholarship requirements.

For Te Pou Karahipi scholarships, how can I prove my whakapapa?
You will be asked to complete a template that outlines your Maori ancestry. If you need support with this, we have Maori staff members that may be able to support you. Send an email to and we can arrange support for you.

Are there are any age restrictions?
There can be age restrictions to any scholarship. Therefore, always read the scholarship requirements before submitting an application.

Will my GPA be calculated for the scholarship?
There are certain conditions belonging to each scholarship. Some need proof of good academic performance. You will need to check the scholarship requirements before submitting an application. Please be aware that, if you are awarded a scholarship, there may be a standard GPA to maintain.

How long will it take for me to hear an outcome?
To allow thorough consideration, the generic timeframe for individuals to hear an outcome is within 14 working days of the application closing.

Does it matter if I am full-time or part-time?
In some circumstances, yes. Therefore, make sure to check scholarship regulations to find out what we can offer you as a full-time, or  
part-time student.

Am I limited in the amount of scholarships and awards I can apply for?
It depends on the scholarship regulations. If you have questions, please contact for further information.

Does the money have to go to directly to my tuition fee?
There are a variety of ways we pay our scholarships. Some scholarships directly go towards tuition fees, however, there are scholarships, grants and awards that can help students with hardship and other costs related to your studies (such as books, childcare, transport, etc). Make sure you check the regulations to get an understanding of what the money is intended for.
If you are the recipient of an education related costs scholarship/award, you provide Unitec with a nominated bank account and we will send the payments to that account.