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Student Support Advisors: Bookings

Many staff are working on campus or from home on different days. 
Please carefully select the location that you would like to have the appointment.

Covid hardship funding

Requesting support

You are able to make an appointment regarding other issues you encounter, such as:

  • Financial support for hardship and study needs
  • StudyLink application support
  • Issues that may be impacting your studies or study experience
  • Access to the food cupboard (includes toiletries/period supplies)
  • Informal concerns/complaints
  • Referrals and/or connecting you to other student services both on and off campus

Seeking financial help (Not StudyLink)

Before booking an appointment for financial help, please complete theStudent Financial
Assistance Form

At the appointment, you will need to:

  1. Tell us where your money has gone this week (we will need to see transactions for the last week – showing us on mobile/internet banking at the appointment is fine, but we do prefer this to be uploaded with your application if possible)
  2. Demonstrate what has put you in hardship
  3. Provide verification of any bills/costs you have paid this week (we will need to see a receipt, or show us the payment on mobile/internet banking)
  4. Discuss your completed  Student Financial Assistance Form

*Please note - you need to be currently enrolled and attending classes to apply for this funding.

StudyLink Applications

Drop-in Studylink support sessions for completing StudyLink applications have been cancelled due to Covid.

Please make a face to face appointment with an Advisor or contact Studylink directly on 0800 88 99 00 for support with your application & the Student Loan/Student Allowance process.

Please note: it is important to check with Fees Free if you are eligible for Fees Free funding each semester. If you believe your fees have been paid with a scholarship please check emails from the team to ensure this is correct. If you are receiving fee reminders please contact Study Central asap to ensure your fees have been paid.

Loan laptop request form

To loan a laptop, you will need to complete the following form:

Loan laptop form

Your application will be assessed and someone will be in touch with you within 5 working days.

If you receive an email approving your application please read it carefully and follow the instructions to book and collect the laptop - you are not able to collect a laptop if you have not been approved and booked an appointment with the team.

Your loan contract will be for one year (unless your programme/enrolment ends earlier) and you will need to return the laptop at the end of this loan period so other students can also have an opportunity to loan a laptop. 

Period support

Period underwear from AWWA

Menstrual cups from Wā Collective

Follow us on Instagram @unitecsupport

General appointment options

If there are no appointments available please email

Jessica Rudman

Jessica helps with

  • Issues that may be impacting your studies
  • Financial assistance
  • Informal concerns/complaints
  • StudyLink application support
  • Accommodation

(Email for budgeting support)

Sophie Humphries

Sophie helps with

  • Issues that may be impacting your studies
  • StudyLink application support
  • Informal concerns/complaints
  • Financial assistance