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International Team Appointments

The International team at Te Puna

The International Team is now based in Building 180 - Te Puna Hub. You can now book to meet with your Student Support Advisor, or the Visa/ Insurance/ Homestay Advisor when needed. The best way to do this is to us call on 0800 10 75 10 or make your own booking below. The advisors are available from Monday- Friday, 9am- 3pm.

Please note: You must make phone contact first before making an appointment. Our phone number is available at the bottom of this page. People who have travelled to New Zealand from or transited through mainland China should quarantine for 14 days before making an appointment.

Who can help you:

Visa questions

All Visa appointments are held in 110-1052

For example
  • I need to submit my visa application
  • What are the requirements to apply for a Student Visa?
  • What are my working rights under a Student Visa?
  • I need to change my visa conditions
  • I am completing my course and need assistance in applying for a Post-Study Work Visa
  • Other Visa and Immigration matters

I am a current international student


For example
  • I need a new study plan
  • I want to change my programme, subjects or courses
  • Attendance - my attendance record incorrect
  • I have an issue with my lecture or course
  • I have a concern or complaint
Insurance questions For example
  • When does my insurance expire?
  • How to I claim on my insurance?
  • How do I renew my insurance?
  • I don't understand my insurance fees?
I am under 18 years old
Homestay questions For example
  • Can you provide a homestay for me
  • I want to complain about my homestay
  • How much does homestay charge
Refund questions For example
  • When will I get my refund?
  • Where can I find my refund form?
New or prospective enrollments Please refer to page for Admissions and Enrollments page

Meet the Te Puna team

Support Advisor, Support Advisor
Team leader
Support Advisor
(Mandarin speaker)
Support Advisor Support Advisor

Jessica Rudman
​(09) 8928856

Grace Zhang

(09) 8928133

Nadia Bulanova
​(09) 8927564
Aline Meerburg
​(09) 8927468
Support Advisor International Business Coordinator, Insurance, Refunds, Homestay (Accommodation), Under 18 Support Advisor Visa team 
(Mandarin speaker)
Visa team, Under 18, Insurance
(Mandarin speaker)

Reza Bahmanzad
​(09) 8927213

Mrinal Mehra
​(09) 8927056

Tina Hsieh
​(09) 8927574

Eileen Su
(09) 8928230