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ARCHIVE Copyright data collection 2022

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Please note that the initial data for Semester 2, 2022 was generated on the 15th June and contained a lot of courses that didn't have a lecturer assigned or showed 0 students. The spreadsheets have been updated with information from Peoplesoft as at 8th Aug.

Data Collection Co-ordinators

If you have questions regarding the process or require support to complete the Data Collection Form please contact:

Vince Shepherd (

Data Collection process overview

Every five years it is a requirement of our copyright license wth Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) that we complete a copyright data return to CLNZ for each semester we teach. Last year we completed semester one and recently we completed summer semester but semester two was postponed until 2022. 

This year all academic staff are required to list the copyright resources they provide to students in semester two of 2022 that come from a print source. Nothing from the internet, library databases, CDs, DVDs etc is included in this return, only print material. This is because our license with CLNZ covers only print material.

The information needs to be supplied to CLNZ for all such copying done for courses taught in semester two of 2022, and is to be completed using a supplied SharePoint Excel spreadsheet (hereafter referred to as the ‘Data Collection Form’). 

Teaching staff are responsible for completing the Data Collection Form for each of the courses they teach. They must record copying and scanning they have done from these print sources: Books, journals, magazines and newspapers. Click here to go to the SharePoint folder to access the Data Collection Forms for each School. See a summary of the steps you must take below.

Heads of School are responsible for signing off the completed Data Collection Form/s from their School.  See more details here.

The Data Collection Co-ordinators will provide guidance and help as requested.

Summary of steps that must be taken by Teaching staff

  1. Go to the SharePoint Folder and open the 2022 Sem 2 Spreadsheet for your School
  2. The sheet is sorted by teacher surname - find the courses under your name
  3. For each course under your name answer the question in column G of the spreadsheet:  'Has copyright material been used from a print source?'.  To do this check the list of course materials given to students.  If they include material that comes from a hard copy source, even if it’s been scanned and converted to digital format, put Yes into this column and proceed to step 4.  (If there are no copyright materials from hard copy sources, put No in this column.  You don’t have to complete the rest of the columns for the course if you entered No.

  4. Complete columns H to M, by entering the source of the material and how much was used.

See more detailed guidance here