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Copyright data collection 2022

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Please note that the initial data for Semester 2, 2022 was generated on the 15th June and still contains a lot of courses that don't have a lecturer assigned or shows 0 students. We will update the spreadsheets in the next few weeks


Unitec holds a license with Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ).  This allows teachers to COPY or SCAN copyright-protected materials from a printed book, journal, magazine or newspaper, and SHARE these with your students.  The license makes compliance with copyright law much easier: it means that you don’t have to obtain agreement to use copyright material in course materials, and it extends the legal limit for the amount of material you can use from 3% to 10% of a work. Every 5 years CLNZ ask license holders to complete a data collection exercise in order to identify whose work is being shared with students so that CLNZ can fairly distribute money collected from license holders to the creators of the work.  

What happens with the data provided?

Unitec's Copyright data collection co-ordinators will supply the data to CLNZ.  The data is then collated along with returns from other organisations.  The returns are processed by CLNZ and recorded against the copyright owner details.   Financial distribution  is now possible to the publishers and authors whose works are shown to be copied.   CLNZ also use the data to set appropriate licence fees for uses based on the volume of copying being done.

For further information on what can be copied, quantities and how material can be shared with your students please refer to the Unitec guide for staff: