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Guidance on permitted use of copyright works for study, research and teaching purposes

Unitec policy, procedures and guides

Below are linked Unitec procedures and guidelines to be followed when copying or scanning for class distribution via print course readings or via Moodle or other platform used to distribute class materials.

Using database information in Moodle.

Click on the 'Copyright Advice' icon beside the database name in the Database A-Z list.

Templates to use when distributing materials via print or Moodle/online

Are you distributing printed materials?

Use the following coversheet template 

Are you scanning and uploading copyright information to Moodle?

  1. Ensure you provide a full bibliographic reference showing the source of the material
  2. Ensure you provide the correct Copyright Warning Notice - see list below

Asking for permission to copy

Links to legislation, license information and related organisations

Copying allowed for exams and assignments

The Copyright Act 1994 (section 49) allows anything to be done for the purposes of an examination. This can involve setting the questions, communicating the questions to candidates, or answering the questions.

Staff and students may copy anything for the purposes of examination. Examinations include any work which counts towards a student’s final grade in a course, including assignments and theses. However note that this exception does not allow the work to subsequently be made publicly available. 

External Resources and Online Courses

Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) provides licences to help make copying, scanning and sharing printed works easy and legal. To support understanding of copyright they provide online learning and information resources (such as those linked above), and they advocate for legislation that will support the endeavours of New Zealand's talented creative people.

Copyright guidelines poster

We encourage you to print out a copy of the above copyright poster to put near any copier/printer/scanner your School/department has.

Copying for Private research or study

If you are copying material for use in your own research or study your entitlements to copy come under the Copyright Act section 43: Research or Private study

Please use the Students and Researchers tab for more information.

Contact people

For copyright assistance contact your School's Subject Librarian in the first instance. More complex matters can be escalated to Unitec's Copyright Officer at or Unitec's in-house Legal Counsel.

If you have permission from a copyright owner for specific copying please forward the email or letter giving permission to