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Copyright data collection 2022

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Please note that the initial data for Semester 2, 2022 was generated on the 15th June and still contains a lot of courses that don't have a lecturer assigned or shows 0 students. We will update the spreadsheets in the next few weeks

Data Collection Co-ordinators

If you have questions regarding the process or require support to complete the Data Collection Form please contact:

Vince Shepherd (


1. Why do we need to undertake this data collection process?

Unitec has an agreement with Copyright Licensing NZ (CLNZ) under which we are obligated to carry out this data collection process. For more information about why this process is required click here.

2. Do I need to enter the title of the journal article?

Yes.  Enter this in column H, after entering the Publication title.

3. Do I need to say what issue of the journal I'm using?

Yes, enter the volume/issue number in column K - Date of Publication

4. Do I need to include industry publications?

Yes, please record any copying/scanning from these  for your students

5. When do I need to start filling out this form?

Near the beginning of the second semester when you know what copied resources you will be using for that semester. See 'key dates' on the menu.

6. Do I need to include information I copy or scan that I provide to students in exams or assessments?

Yes.  Please include this information, and add a note in column O if it was for examination purposes

7. If I print from the internet and then give this to my students do I need include this?

No.  The source document was accessed via the internet so is not a printed source.

8. If I print from the internet and create a pdf and upload this to my Moodle page, do I need to record this?

No.  The source document was accessed via the internet so is not a printed source.

9. I am using a book I have purchased myself, not a Unitec-purchased or Unitec library book.  Do I still need to fill in the form?

Yes.  This is a printed source and needs to be included.

10. The information about the course that has been pre-populated is incorrect.  Can I edit it?

Yes.  However please use the notes column to say what you updated. Also note that the total enrollment number for the course will be updated when enrollments have closed.

11. I need to add several different text books but there is only 1 line in the spreadsheet for my course. 

You will need to add extra rows to the spreadsheet. You can

  • insert additional rows directly above your course row in the spreadsheet (click in the course row and then 'right click' and select 'insert row'),  then complete the additional row - you can use 'ctrl c' to copy the pre-populated cells and 'ctrl v' to paste them into the equivalent blank cells. 
  • or, you can copy your course row and add it to the bottom of the spreadsheet as many times as you need to complete your recording of copying/scanning

12. I have material that I copied/scanned last year, but am giving to students this year.  Does that need to be included?

Yes, this data collection process is about recording what is given to students this year. 
The copying that the licence deals with is when the material is disseminated to students, meaning that anything made available to students in semester two of 2022, irrespective of when the work was added to the course pack, should be included. 

14. Where do I find the ISBN /ISSN number of a printed resource?

For books, the ISBN is the 10-digit or 13-digit barcode (usually found on the back cover of the book) or on the back of the title page with the publishing information.  It is not important to include the hyphens.

For periodicals, the ISSN is a 8-digit serial number (which is especially helpful in distinguishing between serials with the same title)  Again, this may be printed as a barcode, or with the publishing information.  


15. I do not know the ISBN / ISSN number of material.  What should I enter?

If you have given us enough other information about the physical item (title, authors, date of publication) the Data Collection Coordinators may be able to locate this information.  If possible, please add the edition of the book in the notes field, to help us with this quest.

16. Who else has to do this?  

  • Several polytechnics did this exercise last year - Toi Ohomai, Wintec, Whitireia and WelTec
  • MIT completed it last year. EIT did it in 2019

17. Some information pre-populated on the spreadsheet is incorrect - can I correct it?

If information about your course is incorrect in the spreadsheet, please update it but make a note in Column O to tell us what you updated and include your name in the notes

18. The course runs over two semesters.  When should the details be reported? 

The principle here would be to report data on courses that have finished within the reporting period.  So in more practical terms, if it runs over both semesters, report it in semester two.