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How else can I search for publicly available data?

1. Try Google Searching with keywords such as: construction, Zealand, data, report, statistics. As you are looking at a particular topic, you could try adding what you are investigating as a keyword (and some synonyms for what you are investigating.)

2. Look at the websites of major players in the New Zealand Construction Industry - for example, BRANZ, MBIE, New Zealand Construction Industry Council, New Zealand Institute of Building, Registered Master Building Association of New Zealand, NAWIC, New Zealand Certified Builders, major construction companies, and so on.

3. When searching Google, try adding the keyword 'pdf'. This will restrict your Google search to PDF documents. A lot of reports are in PDF format.

4. Once you have done a search in Google, look at the top of the screen for the 'Tools' button. Click on there and select the 'Any time' menu. You can restrict Google to searching for recent documentation with one of the prompts. Alternatively, you can select 'Custom range' and select your own preferred search period.

5. If your topic is related to something that may be an issue in other industries or is something related to management in general, data from other industries could also be useful.

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