Building Construction

QV Costbulder

QV Costbuilder is a key online tool for anyone involved in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying.  It provides pricing for a wide range of products used on the Construction site and is a vital resource for Procurement and Bidding/Tendering.

(Note: QV Costbuilder replaces 'Rawlinson's New Zealand Construction Handbook.)

QV Costbuilder Software (see access instructions below)


Access to QV Costbuilder

Access to QV Costbuilder is rather tricky.  

You need to make a booking for a one-hour period in the future starting on the hour.  Please carefully follow the instructions on this PDF to get access.

Conditions of QV Costbuilder Use

Please note the following important Conditions of Use for QV Costbuilder. 

* Students/staff are not allowed to:

(a) Use QV Costbuilder for more than 1 hour at a time.  If longer use is required, please make a booking for the next hour.

(b) Share the user name and password for QV Costbuilder access with anyone, especially not people outside of Unitec.

(c) Use any mechanism to change a user name or password.

(d) Copy or share any of the content in QV Costbuilder.  

For full conditions, please contact the library.  

Need help with QV Costbuilder?

Please contact the Building Construction Subject Librarian - Adrian Jenkins