A guide to useful resources for Osteopathy staff and students.

Grey Literature

 Grey literature refers to both published and unpublished research material that is not available commercially. Some examples of grey literature are conference papers,  theses, clinical trails, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, fact sheets, government documents, surveys etc.

Find Grey Literature

Open Grey : open access to 700.000 bibliographical references of grey literature (paper) produced in Europe

NZ Research



Managing Research

To keep track of your search  Citation management software collects citations from various sources , organizes them and complies them into a bibliography or list of works cited. The software helps create citations in many referencing styles like APA etc. The library supports 2 citation management software Mendeley, & Zotero

Reasons to choose

Mendeley:  is a free, cloud-based, citation and PDF manager as well as an academic social network. If your research is primarily  contained in PDF files, Mendeley has an integrated PDF viewer and can create citation records just from importing a PDF file

Zotero:  is free software that allows you to collect, manage and cite your references. If your  research content is diverse it is the easiet method to gather citation records for both PDF & non-PDF content

Useful websites