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Library Procedure and Terms of Use

Library Procedure

The Library Procedure sets out the rules of the Library together with the obligations and conduct required of Library users

With regard to Library rules, membership and privileges reference should also be made to:

  • Library Procedure Appendix: Library Membership Regulations - this describes who may become a member of the Library
  • Library Procedure Schedule 1: Privileges, fees and limits - this lists Library members' access to services, including number of items allowed to be borrowed and when library privileges may be suspended

Conduct of Library Users

Regarding conduct of Library users, reference should also be made to the Unitec Student Disciplinary Statute which describes what type of behaviour is considered to be 'misconduct' within Unitec rules.

Unitec Library services and resources are provided to meet the teaching, learning and research needs of Unitec's students and staff. All library users have both a right to work without undue disturbance and a duty to respect the rights of others. Your co-operation in making the library a pleasant place for others to work is appreciated. In particular under the Library Procedure you are required to:

  • Respect other library users and not disturb them in any way.
  • Identify yourself and present bags and personal belongings for inspection, if asked by our Staff or Unitec Security.
  • Use our computers ** only for academic purposes.
  • Ensure only current students and staff use our computers**
  • Ensure children are accompanied by a caregiver at all times and do not use our computers**

Please be careful when consuming food or drink in the library. Use sealed containers for snacks and drinks. Hot food must be eaten outside.

**includes the computers in all Library branches as well as the Student Learning Commons

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