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Turnitin for Students

Turnitin for Students

Turnitin is an online tool that you use to check your assignments for originality.

Access Turnitin via your Moodle course. f your teacher has set it up, you will see the Turnitin logo and the instructions for submission in your Moodle course.

To check the Originality Report of your assignment before you turn in your final version, submit drafts through your assignment submission link (1 submission can be made every 24 hours). This will produce an Originality Report.

Your can still edit your draft and resubmit it until the due date has passed. Any new draft you submit will overwrite the old one, so only your final version will be saved in the system.

For more help with Turnitin, check out the Unitec help on Moodle, or the Turnitin website help here: Student Quick Start Guide to Turnitin and Turnitin student tutorials.

You can also talk with your teacher, Library or IT support staff for assistance.

NOTE: There is no longer a library draft dropbox on Turnitin as your assignment dropbox can now be used to test drafts.