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Assignment Toolbox

Gather, arrange and store your information

Record key details, including reference information
Choose how to organise

  • alphabetically?
  • by date?
  • by research stage/topic?

Find a filing system that works well for you...

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Record key details

Record details as you research.

Here are some tools that may help.

Apps for notetaking, scanning, saving and dictating

There are many useful online tools for saving your notes, webpages, documents and pictures.

Check out some handy apps for students here

Software to store & manage references

Back up and save your files!!

Don't lose your data!

  • Make at least two copies of everything - store them in different places - eg: one copy on your pc/laptop, other copies in alternative formats such as external hard-drive, paper, usbs, cloud storage
  • Manage your different versions (draft vs final)
  • Work out an efficient naming protocol for your electronic files