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Working out if a journal is peer-reviewed

There are several ways you can find out if a journal is peer-reviewed.

1) Check the home page of the journal.  Generally if a journal is peer-reviewed, they are not going to be shy to say so.

2) Use the 'peer-reviewed journal' limiters on databases such as EBSCO, Articles Express.  Note: The vast majority of content on ScienceDirect is peer-reviewed as well.  

3) Insert the word "peer-reviewed" in your search on other databases.  

4) Use Ulrich's Web to search for a journal title.  If a journal is peer-reviewed, it will have this icon on the left hand side: 

Warning: A few journals say that they are peer-reviewed, but still publish some non-peer-reviewed articles. Check the journal home page/s carefully, especially if you can't find a DOI, and if you're unsure if an article is peer-reviewed, contact Adrian.

Multi-database Searching

Click here to search across a wide range of animal studies-related databases simultaneously. This is a good starting point, but will not support in-depth searches.

New Zealand Journals Complete

Individual Databases

These databases are useful when searching for articles in the biodiversity subject area.

Notornis & Birds New Zealand

'Notornis' is the peer-reviewed journal and 'Birds New Zealand' is the magazine of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand.  Click here to search for articles in these publications.

The library also subscribes to these publications in print/hard copy. Find more details, including where to find them on the library shelf, here:


Birds New Zealand