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LibGuide tips

Some tips for using LibGuides

Adding content to rich-text boxes

When you copy the content to a rich-text box (for example, from a word doc or webpage), you need to make sure that you remove all text formats.

There are two options to do so:

Option OneAfter you paste your copied content to the rich-text box, press "Ctrl + A" to select all the content and click the "remove format" button to remove all text formats.

Option TwoBefore you paste your copied content to the rich-text box, you paste it to a notepad.

  • Click the "start" button at the left bottom corner. Type in "notepad" and hit the "enter" button.
  • Now you opened an empty notepad. Paste your copied content to this notepad.
  • Press "Ctrl + A" to select all the content in this notepad.
  • Go to the LibGuide rich-text box, and paste your content here.

How to redirect a page to another guide

  1. Add a new tab/page.
  2. Put your page name.
  3. Click save.
  4. Click "page" icon and select Redirect URL.
  5. Fill in the URL that you want to redirect the page to.
  6. Click save.


How to make hyperlinks open in a new tab/window

  1. Select the words you want to add the link to.
  2. click Hyperlink icon.
  3. On the popup window, select Target tab.
  4. Select New Window in the drop down.

Help with logins

For help will login onto LibrarySearch and library resources


There are all different types of Assets - links, books, databases etc.

Rich-text boxes should be for just that - rich text (and images).  Avoid using links in these boxes, as the link will not appear in the Asset list, others will not be able to link to it, and updating the link is a lot more cumbersome.

If you are updating your LibGuide and changing links, one of the last tasks should be to go to the assets list, find links that you have and delete any that you are no longer using.

Friendly URLS

It is now possible to use a friendly URL for a page within a guide.  The URL for this page will include the URL for the page, and is therefore a lot meaningful.

Link checker

Within LibGuides -> Tools, there is a link checking function, which runs every Saturday.

This checks the links within the Assets of the LibGuides, and highlights those that return a '404 Page not found' error, or fail to connect to the page.

This will not checks that have been added into Rich-text boxes. It will also not tell you a link is "broken" if there is a redirect on the page you are going to.

Please check your links regularly.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds from PRIMO / LibrarySearch do not work at this stage. Ex Libris is aware of the problem and it is on their roadmap to fix it.