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What is Predatory or Deceptive Publishing? - A definition

Author beware, predatory publishers exploit academics' need to have research outputs and disseminate their research, for example, publishing in a journal or presenting at conferences, to extort money. 

Academics are spammed with invitations to publish or present at conferences.

Fees are requested for publication, to cover "costs". The paper may never be published or may appear in a journal with no academic credibility.

The scams are sophisticated and may link to websites that look legitimate. The scams evolve rapidly so there is a need to be vigilant, question and investigate to avoid being a victim. 

Journal Finders

These websites from major publishers of journals can help you decide which journal to submit your research to.

Selecting a Quality Publisher

Conferences and Journals: predatory practices

Here is a link to a list that covers predatory journals and conferences.

Awareness of predatory practices around conferences will help when selecting where to submit a paper or presentation. Conference websites may be set up about non-existent conferences and/or invitations to submit extended to researchers. Be aware and check the same way you would for a journal submission.

Assessing a Journal or Publisher

Predatory Publishing news via Google

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