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Borrow and Request Books

This provides information on who can borrow items from the library and how to do it.
Need to return library books/items?
Mt Albert Campus: Items can be returned at B180 (Te Puna) at the Ask Me Desk, through the return box at the entrance by Breaktime/Subway, or through the return box at the entrance by Student Central.
Waitākere campus: Items can be returned through the Waitākere Public Library returns slot as well as within the Unitec Library.

Borrowing and Requesting Items

The libraries have a wide range of items you can borrow, including books, dvds and course reading. Some items are 'reference only', which means they cannot be removed from the Library. You need your current Unitec ID card or associate member Library card to borrow Library items.

Scroll down this page for more information about borrowing items.

Click here for instructions on how to request items

How to borrow library items using the self-check machine

We encourage you to use the self-check machine to borrow items - please ask for assistance if needed.

  1. Scan your ID card (If you current owe more than $5 or there is a problem with your account, you will need to go to the Ask Me desk or library staff for help.)
  2. Then scan the barcode on the book/item
  3. Print a receipt if you require one.

Please note:

  • There is a limited number of books you can borrow at one time - see Borrowing and renewing limits for more information.
  • The date the item is due back may change to an earlier date if the item is recalled.

'Ask Me' Library & Information Desks

An 'Ask Me' Library & Information service desk is located prominently in each of the Te Puna (B180) and Waitākere libraries. Check the library hours page to determine when these desks are staffed.  Note that borrowing from the desk ceases 15 minutes before closing.
At this desk you can:

We can also help with any problems you are having with your library loans or library account. More about our services.

Library membership

All current staff and students have a library membership. If you are not a staff or student you may be eligible to apply for Associate membership - See Schedule 1: Privileges, fees and limits' to the Library Procedure and Unitec Library Associate Membership.

Library ID Card

Your Library ID card is your Unitec Student /Staff ID card, or Associate Member's card. If your Library ID card is lost, stolen or destroyed, report its loss to both the Library and Student Central as soon as possible. An administration fee may be charged for a replacement card. You are responsible for returning or replacing any Library material borrowed before the loss, theft or destruction of the card was reported. You may not allow your Library ID card to be used by any other person to borrow Library material. For more information see the Library Procedure see the following links

Accessing your Library Account

Your Library Account is accessible by logging into LibrarySearch. It collects all your borrowing information.
You can check what you have borrowed including recalls, fines and date-due information. Your loans will automatically renew, though you can renew loans yourself and check your requests. 

Please note that you cannot update personal contact details via your Library Account. To update contact details Log into the student portal.


  • Once a month you will be emailed a list of all items currently issued to you as well as any fines you owe.
  • If an item you have is requested by another person, you will be emailed a notification and you must then return it.
  • You will receive an email 3 days before any item is due back.  These items cannot be renewed.

Renewals of loans

Your loans will be renewed automatically up to the maximum allowed period.

*Please note there are some restrictions on renewing items:

  • There is a maximum limit on how many times an item can be renewed. This limit is set out in Library Procedure regulations. See our Renewal limits and loan periods table for more information.
  • If the item has been requested by someone else the item will not be renewed. If any item is not renewed, you will be emailed 3 days before it is due and you must then return it.
  • A loan will not renew past 2 weeks after your final class.  All items must be returned at the end of study.

Recall requests

All items you have on loan may be subject to recall request at any time by another Library member. If this happens you will be contacted with the new due date by email or letter or text (if you have registered for text notices). Recalled items must be returned to the Library by the new due date specified in the notice. If not a large fine will be incurred.

All students are responsible for ensuring that Unitec has their correct contact details and must update any changes using the My Records section of the student portal portal. Any Recall Request fines accrued due to incorrect contact details are the responsibility of the borrower.

Course reading items on short loan

From time to time your lecturer may give you a list of items (books/journals/DVDs) they want you to consult and these items are kept on on short loan. These items are kept at the desk and issued for a shorter loan period than normal - either 2 hours, 24 hours or 3 days. The length of time you have the book will be shown on a label on the front of the item. Usually you may take the item out of the Library, but do remember to bring it back by the due time.

To search for these items use the 'Course Reading' tab on LibrarySearch and enter the Course Code, Course Name or Lecturer Name.

Unfortunately we are not always told of items a class will need to use.  If this is the case please let us know at the Desk or tell your lecturer to contact the Library.

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