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Connect with ETV



ETV contact Info

For help, log in to ETV and click on the Support button at the bottom of the screen. 

You can also forward any ETV queries to Unitec Library Admin

Using ETV

ETV is an online resource that has over 100,000 videos (programmes and TV series) recorded from over 55 domestic and international television channels.  This is available for viewing at any time by staff and students.

Before you can use ETV you must register. See below.

Registering to access ETV

To begin using ETV you first need to register. Register for ETV using your Unitec email access.  Note: the process for registering has recently changed.

  1. Send an email to requesting an ETV account - please provide your Unitec email address

    Staff: This email will be your username +
    Students: This email address will be your username +  This email address is part of Microsoft Office 365 - free to all Unitec students.  Access your Microsoft Office 365 account through the Student email Outlook on MyUnitec portal.  Go here for more information about your student email.  Contact IT for login details.

  2. A confirmation email will then be sent to your Outlook Unitec email account. Enable your new ETV account by clicking on the confirmation link.

You are now a registered user for ETV.

Information for staff

Editing ETV movie downloads

EVA Enhanced Video Annotation service, gives all ETV users a set of annotation tools that make it easy to turn any video into an interactive video.

Watch this video on how EVA works.

Embedding ETV in Moodle

ETV provides the embedding code for all its recorded programmes.

  1. Choose the programme you want to embed and scroll down past the viewing screen.
  2. Click on the button that says Get Embed Code.
  3. Copy the code.
  4. In Moodle from the Add a Resource drop-down choose Label.
  5. Click on "Show more button" (circled in red below) and then click on 'HTML" (circled in blue below)
  6. Paste the embed code.
  7. Then hit 'Save and return to course'.


Do we have to request that items from Free to Air TV be recorded?

  • ETV records all main nightly News and Current Affairs from TVOne, TV3, Prime and Maori. 
  • ETV records also everything on the Screenrights Weekly TV Guide.
  • ETV also records all documentaries of obvious, educational value from the SKY Channels.
  • The recording technology holds a 24/7 continuous capture of all the Free To Air channels. You can request for a programme to be permanently added to ETV for up to 2 weeks post broadcast.
  • For requests for SKY and International programmes, an advance request of at least one-working-day is needed.
  • When Unitec Library requests ETV record a programme, ETV proceeds to record all programmes in that series without further request.

What is the quality of ETV programmes?

Generally, ETV will detect your broadband speed and adjust the picture quality accordingly. The best quality setting is used when your connection speed is 720 kbps or higher - this setting is not quite HD quality, but close.

Programmes that were added to ETV prior to 2011 are of a lesser quality than ones added after this date.

Can I load YouTube clips to ETV?

Please use Request Recordings for both the TV channels that ETV capture and any online video content that is publicly viewable (that is, no VPN/ Paywall) and as long as the content is uploaded by the copyright holder or licensee. This can be checked under “about” for YouTube channels.  ETV will then be able to upload this clip.

Access to age-restricted content

You can make any age-restricted videos available to students who are old enough to view them - i.e aged 16 for R16 and 18 for R18 content - by adding the video to EVA and sharing the direct link or embedding the HTML-code on your LMS. More information here.

Are there any other help resources