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Citelinker Form

The CiteLinker Form is a quick tool to use when you have a reference to an article you want to read. Simply enter the information you know about the citation into the Web form and CiteLinker will search for the article in Unitec's online resources. CiteLinker will create a menu of options for you. If it finds full text, the link(s) will display at the top of the menu. Additional links for searching the Unitec Library catalogue or list of online journals will also display.


You need the article for this citation: Birnbaum, JH (2003). "The new soft money." Fortune 148(10) p.155-8.

The CiteLinker Form will work best if you give it the following information:

  • Full title of the journal (Fortune) or ISSN (a unique identifier). Do not use a journal abbreviation.
  • Year (2003)
  • Volume (148)
  • Issue (10)
  • Start page of the article (155)
  • Author's last name (Birnbaum)

Note that not all the fields in the form have to be completed.

When you have filled out the form click on the Go button.

Here is the completed form for this example.

Screenshot of the CiteLinker form completed with the above information