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LibrarySearch Help

How to find an online resource

Steps on how to find online resources on your topic:

  1. Fully understand your topic, and decide what are the main keywords you need to use when searching the catalogue.
  2. Go to library homepage. Type your keywords into the search box and check the Catalogue button as below:
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. On your search results page, use the Refine my Results in the left column to limit your results to online resources.
    • Under Availability tick Full text online
    • Under Resource Type tick the type of resource you would like such as Books
    • Click on APPLY FILTERS if selecting more than one type.

  5. In the resulting list, find the resource you want to read and click View Online tab under the title. Click on any link to access that resource.

How to find a print book

To find a print book on your topic, you need to use Unitec LibrarySearch catalogue to find its location and call number.

Step One: Find the book in the library catalogue.

  1. Fully understand your topic, and decide what are the main keywords you need to use when searching the catalogue.
  2. Go to Unitec LibrarySearch catalogue. Type your keywords into the search box and button as below:
  3. You will see a list of items that contain your keywords. These can be books, ebooks, journals and other physical items.

Step Two: Find its location and call number

  1. If the item shown has a green colour under the title, it is available for you to now see the location of the item. For example, the book above is available at Te Puna (Mt Albert) and you can use the call number 658 SAM to find the book on shelves.
  2. Write down the call number on a piece of paper, or bring your mobile device with you, to make sure you always have this number when looking on the shelf.

Step Three: Get the book from the shelf

  1. Find the shelf that includes your call number. The call numbers that are available on each shelf is indicated at the end of the row. For example, call number 658 SAM is on the shelf which includes items from 657.044 to 658.048. Check our floor plan to see how our shelves are arranged in the library.
  2. Understand how items are ordered on a shelf. Call numbers are ordered from left to right, top to bottom within each bay of shelves.
  3. Find your book on the shelf. Scan the row, level by level, bay by bay to find the first three digits of the call number (e.g. 372 in 372.210993), and then treat the rest part of the number as a decimal (e.g. 372.210993 should between 372.2 and 372.3). After you have found the correct number, you need to look for the letters shelved in alphabetical order (e.g. PEN in 372.210993 PEN). Now, you should see your book.

How to find an article

Option One: Subject Guides

You can search specific databases that recommended by your Subject Librarian on their Subject Guide.

Select the subject of your topic. e.g. Business.

  1. Go to our list of Subject and Study Guides.

  2. In the Subject Guide, select the Databases tab to get a list of databases recommended by your Subject Librarian

  3. Click on the database link, and within this specific database, type in keywords to search for more articles.

Option Two: Databases A-Z

You can use our Databases A-Z to search databases of your topic. Use the three dropdown lists under the search box to specify your databases by subject, databases type and vendors.

Option Three: Articles-Express

​See how to find articles with Articles-Express

NOTE*When you find a very useful article on your topic, you can always find more similar articles in its bibliography. See how to find articles by references

Help with logins

For help will login onto LibrarySearch and library resources

Prefer to browse the shelves?

Here is a summary of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). You can use it to find the correct DDC number range for your subject:

Here is an outline of how we have arranged our books on the shelves by DDC number:

Requesting books/items from the Library

Can't find the book on the shelf? or too busy to look? You can ask us to locate the book on the shelf for you and put it at a Library and Information Services desk for you to collect - See how to request a book for pick-up

Booking short loan items
If you wish to request an item on course reserve (short loan) you need to make a booking. See how to book a short loan item.

Help guides to download

Other finding tools

As well as LibrarySearch we have other tools to help you find information. These are: