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How to find an ebook

Steps on how to find ebooks on your topic:

  1. Fully understand your topic, and decide what are the main keywords you need to use when searching the catalogue.
  2. Go to library homepage. Type your keywords into the search box and check the Catalogue button as below:
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. On your search results page, use the refine tool bar in the left column to limit your results to E-books.
    • Under Availability tick Full text online then
    • under Resource Type tick Books

  5. In the resulting list, find the ebook you want to read and click View Online tab under the title. Click on any link to access the ebook.

Using E-books

Using e-books at Unitec Library

1. In the library catalogue record, look for the View Online section and click on the link beside 'Full-Text available at:'

2. Log-in with your Unitec user-name and password

3. To go straight to reading the book, click on 'Read Online'


To go straight to a chapter, click on the relevant chapter heading on the right-hand side. (Note: It is sometimes necessary to click on 'Show Subsections to see the chapter headings)

NOTE:  After reading an e-book for 5 minutes, you will likely be asked to borrow the e-book.  This is normal and at no cost to you.  You should accept.

4. Once you have opened the e-book or chapter, there is a search box on the left hand side where you can search within the book for keywords (like searching in an index of a print book.)

For more information on using e-books at Unitec Library, watch this video:

Accessibility Options for ProQuest Ebooks

The majority of our e-books at Unitec are available through the ProQuest Ebook Central Platform.

If you need them, the following options are available:

* Having e-books read out in Accessibility Mode

* Increasing the font size in Accessibility Mode

* Compatibility with screen readers using JAWS (for Internet Explorer) and VoiceOver (for Safari) software

* Choice to turn on the OpenDyslexic typeface.

Should you require any of these options, talk to your Subject Librarian

Printing, saving and copying parts of an ebook

Printing, Saving & Copying parts of e-books

For print books, you can photocopy the pages you like the look of. For e-books, the alternative is to print, save or copy the parts of the e-books that you need.

Each e-book has a limit as to how many pages you can print or copy. Look for these limits on the front page of an e-book under Availability - for example

The allowed number of pages differ for each e-book. Please note that you are logged-in when using e-books so the software keeps track of the number of pages you have copied or downloaded to PDF over time. Also note that we require you to read the book before you can print, copy or download.

When the actual e-book is open, you can download a section or subsection of the book to PDF (and then print it or save it to your hard drive).  You can also copy parts of the e-book or print parts of the ebook.  These three things can be done using the buttons shown below. 

You will probably need to borrow the e-book (if you haven't already).  If you are prompted to do this, agree, and then click on the relevant print, copy or download to PDF button again.