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Frequently Asked Questions

If the help you need is not here please contact us.

A - Article, Ask Us

How do I find articles for my assignment?

Use these three options to search for articles:

1. Articles-Express.

2. Subject Guides.

3. Databases A-Z.

Find detailed instructions on how to find articles here.

How do I find the journal article from a reference?

Use this guide to find videos on how find an article online using a reference, and how to find articles with Articles-Express.

Your question not here? ASK US

Use our Ask Us Form or contact us via email or phone

Also check out the Library's Help page, it may have the answer you need. 

B - Bindery, Borrowing

Do you have a bindery?
No we don't have a book bindery, however the Copy Centre does offer some binding services, i.e. spiral binding. Otherwise the Yellow Pages may be a good place to look.
Can I renew my book?

The items you borrow from the Library General Loan Collection automatically renew for a maximum total loan time of 90 days if they have not been returned by the initial return date. You do not have to do anything, you will receive verification of the extended renew date by email.

An exception to this rule is if an item has been recalled. Recall notices are sent to borrowers by email.

Renewing a loan means to extend a loan time for an item you already have on loan.

Use these instructions below to renew a loan.

  1. Log in to LibrarySearch.
  2. Enter your Unitec username and password.
  3. Click on My Account.
  4. Click on Loans. All items you currently have out will be displayed, including their due date. If your item is able to be renewed, you will see the word Renewable under status. Click Renew All or select the check box next to the item and click on Renew Selected. The system will then renew the item showing you the new due date and time.
How do I borrow items from the library?

Unitec students can loan items from any of the Unitec Libraries. 

You'll need to have your Unitec ID card to borrow from the library.  There are self-check machines at each of the branches.

Use the Library website to find information about borrowing, loan periods and item loan limits.

How many items can I borrow at once?
Use this Borrowing Limits information to see how many Library items you may borrow up to.

C - Computer, Course reserve, Cover sheet

Where are the computers I can use?
Networked computers are available for student use in each location listed above in Te Puna (Building 180) and Waitākere library. Use these to use Microsoft Office, access Moodle, go online and send work to a Unitec printer. You will be required to log in using your network logon.
Where can I learn to use Microsoft Word or get basic computer training?

As a Unitec student, you have free access to Microsoft 365. Unitec recommends you use the Microsoft Training Centre 

Find out more here.

How do I request a Course Reading that is on short loan (Course Reserve)
Short Loan (Course Reserve)  items can be booked, so they are available for you when you come to the library.  This is done through LibrarySearch Request function.  
What are Course Reserve items?

A Course Reserve item is library material (books/ journals/ articles/ DVDs) recommended by your course lecturer. 

Lecturers arrange readings recommended for your course to be on Course Reserve Loan. Course Reserve items are held at the Lending Desk.

Please note Course reserve items are also high demand items and are issued for Course Reserve periods (2 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours) that are subject to fines if returned late.

Use this guide to know how to find Course Reserve items in the Library catalogue.

Where can I find the cover sheet for my assignment?

Assignment cover sheets are usually found on your Moodle course pages.

D - Database, Distance

How do I access the NZX Database?
You can find the NZX knowledge base here or alternatively you will find this link and other links to business information resources on the Library's Business Subject guide.
How do I find a database?

From the Library's home page, you have several options to access the databases:

  1. If you are not sure what database to use, try the Subject and Study Guides which are linked from the library homepage. Choose the subject heading relevant to your assignment or course of study. Click on the "Articles" or "Databases" tab in the subject guide to find links to the relevant databases for that topic.
  2. If you know which database you wish to search use the Databases A-Z list. This list is also linked from the library homepage.
  3. It's possible to search multiple databases simultaneously. To do this:
    • log in and then use the Articles-Express tab on the LibrarySearch box. This will search pre-selected groups of databases. You can also save your favourite searches so that you can easily run them again, and save your favourite journal articles. For more information about searching databases with LibrarySearch, see the help page.
I live far away, can books be posted to me?

Distance students are entitled to use the Library's distance Delivery service.  Distance Service is available to students who are currently enrolled in Unitec courses AND who live outside the Greater Auckland Region (north of North Shore City and South of Manukau City).

Students living overseas can use this service too, however there are some restrictions - please contact the library for details.
More about Distance services.

E - ebooks, Email, Exam paper

How to download eBooks onto my device (Apps/Kindle/Kobo)?

You will find instructions here for downloading eBooks either onto a smartphone, tablet, Kindle Reader, Kobo.

To use an eBook on your computer, tablet or smartphone you'll need to set-up these requirements .  You only have to set-up these requirements the first time you use an eBook.

  1. An Adobe ID
    Many eBooks use the Adobe digital rights management software (DRM) to manage their use.  You will need to go to Adobe and create an ID.
  2. Adobe Digital Editions
    1. Many eBooks use the Adobe digital rights management software (DRM) to manage their use.  You will need to go to Adobe and create an ID.
    2. Download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer.
    3. Find the book you want in LibrarySearch.
    4. Download the book to your computer (see instructions on this page).
    5. The books should automatically download and open in Adobe Digital Editions.
How do I find electronic books?
Use this eBooks at Unitec Library guide to understand how to find, view and use eBooks.
How do I set myunitec email to my preferred email account?

Use these instructions to know how to forward your email to your preferred email account.

How to change student email to your preferred email address

  1. Login to Student Portal
  2. Click the setting at the top right corner 
  4. Fill the form and make sure to check your preferred email is up-to-date.
  5. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the form
  6. Your preferred email address mark the email icon
How do I find past exam papers?

Links to Exam papers in pdf format for most Unitec courses can be found on the Library Catalogue.

Find instructions on how to find past exam papers here.

F - Fines

Why & when are fines and fees charged? How do I avoid fines?

The Unitec Library fines policy for overdue items is in place to encourage borrowers to return items on time, allowing library material to be kept in circulation and available to all borrowers.

Tips for avoiding fines

  • Bring items back by due date/time – Late short loan items incur an overdue fine..
  • Return recalled items back by the due date specified in recall notice – overdue recalled items will result in fines.
  • Check your email regularly for reminders from the Library - Overdue & recall notices are always sent to the ‘preferred’ email address in your Unitec record.
  • Don't allow others to borrow on your account, nor ask others to return items for you. You are liable for all fines and fees incurred on borrowed items.
More about fines and fees. "

I - Information

How do I find books and other information in the Library?

View online tutorials that provide an introduction to searching or using the Unitec Library.

Use this information guide to know how search for a book or subject in the library.

What information does the Library have?
Read an overview of Unitec library collections or download our Collection Management Policy which describes the Library's collecting responsibilities, and includes statements on collection principles, criteria for selection, criteria for deselection and retention, fund allocation, resource sharing and special collections.

L - Laptop, Login

Where can I borrow a laptop?

Laptops are no longer available for loan from the Waitākere library.  In emergency situations, you can apply to borrow a laptop from the Te Puna Ask Me desk.  This request must show an immediate need and may be refused.

The Student Support team may be able to provide a long-term loan laptop.  See website for further information.

How do I log on to a Unitec computer?

Upon enrolment you would’ve received a letter from I.M.S. with your login details.

Your default network password is your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY. Your username and password will be in lowercase.

Alternatively, you can request your computer log-in details by…

  1. Contacting the Ask IT. HelpDesk on 0800 ASKIMS (275467) or +64 9 815 4321 ext 8484. Be prepared to answer security questions to validate your identity. 

  2. Visiting Student Central on the Mt Albert campus at Building 180.  Be prepared to present a identification document like your Driver’s License.

M - Mend

Can you mend my books?
The Library only mends it's own books.  To have your books mended you could try Bookbinding Press or the yellow pages

N - Newpaper

How do I access NZ Herald Premium?

We now have NZ Herald Premium access for all students and staff at Unitec. However you will need to register with a Unitec staff or student email address and use a special code.
STUDENTS - How to access New Zealand Herald Premium
STAFF - How to access New Zealand Herald Premium
If you have any further enquiries, please contact

O - Opening hours

When is the library open?

You can find the library opening hours on the library website.  Hours vary across the branches.

P - Parking, Password, Printing

How do I pay for parking at Unitec?
You must pay to park at Unitec. Please refer to the Unitec website for all information.  See parking information at Unitec
Do I need to login with a password to access the library e-resources, including e-books, e-journals, online articles and databases?

You will normally be required to login to access the Unitec Library e-resources while on campus. The exception to this is e-books and ETV which requires registration.

For e-books login with your Unitec network username (eg smithj05) and password.

To register for ETV see

To access the Library e-resources (including databases) you will be prompted to login - again using your Unitec network username (eg smithj05) and password.

A few library databases also require an additional password as well as your Unitec one. Click here to see our list of special database logins (you will be prompted to login with your Moodle login to see this list).

Please note the library e-resources all currently require the short form username but to login to your LibrarySearch (MyLibrary)account to view loan history, outstanding fines, request items or save searches you now need to use your full myunitec email address to login.

For more information about logging into Unitec Library's online services see this guide:

I lost my Moodle password, what should I do?

Your Moodle account is now connected to your Unitec email address.  Check out the video on How to Log into your Moodle account on 

Contact ASK IT on (09) 815 4321 extn 8484 if you still have problems logging in.

How do I print and copy at Unitec? How do I top up my ID card?

Instructions for using the MFD machines (printers) have been posted on the walls near the machines. For more detailed instructions on copying and printing at the Unitec, see the Unitec printing guide.

For specific instructions on

How can I print from my own laptop?

You can print from your own device to a Unitec Library MFD.  Use this Wireless Printing Guide for instructions on how to access and use this service.  See the Wireless Printing FAQs for troubleshooting information.

R - Recall, Referencing Request, Research, Room

What is a recall request and why did it happen to me?

Having an item recalled means that an item you have on loan has been requested by another Library member and that you need to return it to the Library before the original due date.

Receiving a Recall Request means you need to return the named items by the new return date mentioned in the email.

Failing to do so will incur overdue fines to your library account. Any Recall Request fines accrued due to incorrect contact details are the responsibility of the borrower.

Students are responsible making sure their contact details are up-to-date. You can update your personal contact details through the My Records section of the Unitec MyPortal.

Any Recall Request fines accrued due to incorrect contact details are the responsibility of the borrower.

How do I reference my assignments correctly?

Students are required to both cite and reference their assessments.

Referencing style guides

Referencing tools

Use these referencing tools to manage bibliographies and references when writing assessments. Mendeley and Zotero and online programmes. Endnote is no longer supported at Unitec nor available from the library. Help using these resources can be found on the following guides.

Why cite and reference?

Students are required to acknowledge the sources used in their writing/assessments/projects. You must acknowledge what you have used in your writing in order to avoid plagiarism. We cite and reference our writing so that:

  • Readers of your writing can find the original sources you used
  • The authors of the original sources you used are given credit for their work
  • Your own research and ideas are clearly evident and you are given credit for your work
  • Your work has credibility within the realm of scholarly knowledge

There are two parts to acknowledging another author's work within your own:

  1. You use an in text citation in the main body of your work that has some brief information about the source.
  2. You provide the complete information about the source at the end of your work in the form of a list of references or bibliography.

The referencing style you use determines how these elements are organized in your work. Your programme will require you use a specific referencing style. Your department may provide you with a referencing handbook you can use as a guide. Guides to the most common citation styles used at Unitec are listed above. The Library also has a number of style guides available on the shelves.

How do I reference this ... ?

Find information and examples about how to reference different information sources here on the library’s Referencing Guide.

For more specific referencing help please get in touch with the Student Learning and Achievement Team to book a personal consultation with a Learning advisor or register for a referencing workshop.

I need help with Mendeley or Zotero?

Mendeley and Zotero are online referencing management tools you can use to manage bibliographies and references when writing assessments.

The Library’s recommended programmes are Mendeley and Zotero because they are convenient due to being cloud-based systems you can access online. 

You can make a Mendeley account here.

You can make a Zotero account here.

EndNote is no longer supported by Unitec.

Use this EndNote Training video or EndNote guide to learn how to set-up and use EndNote.

How do I get a book transferred from one branch to another?
Click here to find out how to request an item and collect it from your preferred Unitec Library.
How do I find reading material I have on my reading list?

Find reading material found on your reading list by following these steps.

  1. Read the reference to identify what material type the reading is.  Is it a book, journal article or something else like a standard?
  2. Search for the item in the library catalogue.
    1. If it is an article from a journal, search for the journal title in the library catalogue.
    2. If it is an article from a journal and you can’t find it in the library catalogue, search for it across one of the databases found in your Subject Guide.
    3. If it is a book, search for the book title in the library catalogue.
    4. If it is something else like a standard or piece of legislation, look to your Subject Guide for guidance.

Tip. *Use this video to learn how you can find an article online using a reference.

Still can't find what you are looking for? Contact a Librarian for assistance.

How do I get a New Zealand standard?
Use these instructions to know how to find New Zealand standards online.
How do I research a topic?

There are many steps in the process used to research a topic for an assignment. 

The Study Toolbox has helpful guidelines 

Additional Support for Postgraduates is also provided.
Where can I find an Act of Parliament?

Locate key New Zealand law and legislation databases on Unitec Library's Law Subject Guide. 

Key resources found here include:

  • New Zealand Legislation
  • New Zealand Legal Information Institute
  • Westlaw New Zealand [Thomson Reuters]
Where can I find legal case information?

The Library Law Subject Guide to locate key New Zealand law and legislation databases.

Use this video to learn how to search for cases. 

Not all cases are reported, so it is possible one may not be able to be found.  The Unitec Library can only provide access to New Zealand cases, we don't have access to international cases.

To source an international case, use Google to locate overseas government websites, or universities or law firm websites who may give you the information you need.

Where can I get journal articles on my topic?

There are 3 places you can look to source journal articles.

  1. Use your programme’s Subject Guide to identify journal databases relevant to your study or;
  2. Search across Databases A-Z to search for locate specific journal databases.
  3. Use Articles-Express to search for online journals or journal articles;
Find out how to find journal articles here.
Where do I find peer reviewed journals?

Peer reviewed articles are articles that have been written by experts and are reviewed by a panel of other experts in that field before the article is published in order to ensure the article's quality, accuracy and contribution to that field's body of knowledge.

Watch this video to find out about what peer-reviewed articles.

Use the Library Subject Guide to select your course, here you'll find a database feature that you can use to select database's relevant to your subject.

Some databases, for example EBSCOhost have the option for you to refine your search results to Peer-Reviewed Articles only.

Other databases like Science Direct only contain peer-reviewed articles.

You can check whether your article is peer-reviewed by either visiting the journal's website homepage or using the Ulrich's Database Directory.

Where do I get an annual report from a company?
Use the NZX database to locate market information about New Zealand companies.
How do I book a group study room?

You can book a study-room here.

Study-rooms are available for groups of 3 or more students.

You can book a study-room at Te Puna (B180), Mt Albert campus or Wāitakere Library, Wāitakere campus.

Use this link to read more about the study-room service.

Is there a mother/baby room at Mt Albert?

A Mothers' Room is located B112-3019 if mothers want to express milk or breast feed their baby.

This room is locked, so you need to come to the Ask Me Desk in Te Puna (B180).  We will ask for your contact details, and give you a key.

Remember to bring the key back when you have finished with the room.

T - Textbooks, Turnitin

What are the recommended books for my course?

Use this library help guide to understand how to find your Course Readings.

Course Readings are lists of recommended reading resources from your course lecturer.

Where can I buy or sell second-hand books?

Use the notice boards around campus to buy or sell second-hand text books, calculators, tools or other study related material. Also check out Facebook, students from programme specific groups to buy, sell or trade study related materials. Another great option is Trade Me Books.

How do I access Turnitin to submit an assignment?

Access Turnitin via your Moodle course. If your teacher has set it up, you will most likely see the Turnitin logo and the instructions for submission in your Moodle course.

To check the Similarity Report of your assignment before you submit your final version, submit your draft document through the Turnitin assignment submission link. This will produce a Similarity Report.

You can still edit your draft and resubmit it (in the same place – no need to delete the old one) until the due date. Any new draft you submit will overwrite the old one, so only your final version will be saved in the system.

For more help with Turnitin, your teacher is the first person to ask, or the Turnitin website. Or you can book an appointment with a Learning Advisor. 

IT support staff offer technical assistance