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Student Success group

LibCal and bookings

This page is to help Unitec Student Success staff manage bookings by students

Changing your role at Unitec

If you change your role at Unitec, you also need to ensure that students are booking with you for the correct role.

Your team leader or you need to ensure the following steps are taken

Before you leave your currently role

  • Delete any availability in your calendar after your last day.  This will stop students from booking you in your old role beyond your employment date.
  • Ensure that the LibCal administrator knows when you are changing roles.  On your last day, they will need to
    • remove your information from the booking page, 
    • remove you from the Group you are currently assigned to, and  
    • remove you from your current group on the check-in ipad.

If you are going to a position which allows students to make appointments with you

Once you have started your new role

  • Set up your availability in LibCal as before.
  • Let the LibCal Administrator know that you are now part of a new team, and what your responsibilities are. Also indicate how/where you will be taking appointments ( Mt Albert, Waitakere, Online (Microsoft TEAMS, phone). They will
    • add your profile to the services page for the new role,
    • update your area of expertise on the services page, 
    • assign you to the new group within LibCal you are now part of, and 
    • add you to the check-in ipad as part of your new team.

Please follow up by checking the student booking page, and the ipad to make sure everything is correct.