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LibCal and bookings

This page is to help Unitec Student Success staff manage bookings by students

Due to Covid-19, staff will be providing online support till further notice. 

You can find the latest Unitec updates related to COVID-19 on

What is LibCal

LibCal is the software that Unitec is using to allow Ask Me Desk staff to make appointments for students with support staff within Unitec.  

Teams that are on this platform are

  • Careers Development
  • Learning Advisors (including Māori, Pacific and Numeracy specialists)
  • Student Support
  • Subject Librarians
  • International teams (Support Advisors, Visa, and enrolment/admissions)

LibCal does not book a room for the meeting to be held in.  The Student Success teams have agreed to a baton system. 

The standard appointment time is 45 minutes - but LibCal will block out 1 hour in your calendar to allow overruns.

What is my responsibility

As  a LibCal user of the appointment system it is your responsibility to

  1.  Make sure that your Outlook (Unitec) password is re-authorised in Libcal.
  2. Your Outlook calendar is up-to-date with all appointments, travel times, lunch breaks, drop-ins, holidays (including public holidays) and other busy times.
  3. Any changes to the times and places that you meet with students for these appointments is communicated directly to the LibCal administrators. (see box on left).  LibCal is set up according to the tables here . (Please ask the LibCal administrator for the password.)
  4. Continue to record all appointments as you have been doing in the past.  LibCal does NOT record these statistics.

Each team will need to set up processes in situations where a staff member is unavailable for appointments on the day (e.g. due to illness).  LibCal can help with this, but only for appointments made through LibCal.  There needs to be a more comprehensive process put in place by each team.

If you need help with any of these things, please contact the LibCal administrator.