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Student Success group

LibCal and bookings

This page is to help Unitec Student Success staff manage bookings by students

Libcal checklist

LibCal is the software that Unitec is using to allow students (and staff) to make appointments for student services.  LibCal does not book a room for the meeting to be held in. 

Once the LibCal Administrator has set up an account for you, you will need to make sure the following information is correct.

  1. Check that I have set up my own availability for each of the locations I am available to meet students.  This should be set up for at least 6 months in advance.  (Limit is 12 months) (LibCal -> Appointments -> Availability)
  2. Check that I can see "Busy in Outlook" in my appointment calendar. (LibCal -> Appointments)  If not, I need to authorise my Outlook account (LibCal -> Appointments -> Integrations) See
  3. Check that I have blocked out all public holidays in my Outlook calendar (and therefore cannot get appointments in LibCal.)
  4. Check that I have blocked out my own holidays and Unitec closed days in Outlook.
  5. Check the description about me that the student sees when making an appointment makes sense.  (LibCal -> Appointments -> My settings ->  Appointment Instructions/Description).   Enter the text and Save.

    You can see this text displayed when you go to your own Landing Page.  (Link is under the calendar grid on the My Appointments tab.)

  6. Check that the emails the student receives and I receive for each appointment makes sense for the team.  Hint: Make an appointment with yourself or a team member using LibCal and test the different options.  This will NOT affect any statistics as you are recording your appointments in your team's stats register.
  7. Is the information about me (and my team) correct on the booking page that students use?  See Booking with Student Success teams 
  8. Am I listed correctly on the ipad where the student will check in with me.  (Although separate from LibCal, it is an important part of connecting students with you.)  Data from the ipads is not used in any statistics recording.

If something is incorrect, or not working as expected, check with your team members to see what is happening for them.  

If you have a problem with LibCal, please contact the LibCal administrator (see box on left).