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Student Success group

LibCal and bookings

This page is to help Unitec Student Success staff manage bookings by students

Delete Indiviual time slots

If your availability changes, you can always remove times that you are no longer available.

If you want to quickly delete individual times slots on a single day,

  1. Click on the Appointments command bar
  2. Click Availability tab
  3. Click on a green square in the grid that you would like to delete.
  4. The Delete Availability window will appear
  5. Select the last time to delete from the Delete To dropdown if you'd like to delete adjacent time slots.
    1. E.g: if you clicked on a 9am-9:30am time slot and select 1pm from the Delete To dropdown, this would delete all time slots between 9am and 1pm that day.
  6. Click the Delete Availability button.

Please note: you can only delete up to the final availability time of the day. If the appointment fall in the selected date/time range. You may still delete the availability but these bookings/appointments will not be deleted.