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LibCal and bookings

This page is to help Unitec Student Success staff manage bookings by students

Authorising your LibCal to connect to Outlook calendar

You are required to connect LibCal account with Outlook if you are taking appointments.
Please follow the steps below.  

If you are getting double-ups in appointments - ie appointments at a time when you are already busy, please check what your authorisation is still working, and go through the steps below.

I recommend that you do this each time you change your password.  

Due to Covid-19, staff will be providing online support till further notice. 

You can find the latest Unitec updates related to COVID-19 on

To re-authorise your password

To authorise the connection between your LibCal account and Outlook:

  1. Go into LibCal
  2. Log into LibCal using your Unitec Office365 login 

  3. Click on the Integrations tab
  4. Scroll down to Outlook/Exchange settings.  If your account is already authorised, you can refresh the connection.  Click on Remove Authorization. (At this point the sync is broken.)
  5. Immediately click on Authorise with Microsoft Account.


  1. If you get a Microsoft pop-up box, then “Accept”

  1. Select “Calendar” in the dropdown list, select Enabled and click on Save