APA referencing 7th edition

A guide to APA referencing (7th edition). APA stands for American Psychological Association

Referencing Health Material

See the examples below for the library's suggestion on how to cite and reference some of these specific Health related references
We recommend you contact your lecturer to see if they wish you to use another form of reference for Health resources.


Entry from Lippincott Procedures

Reference List

Peak flow meter use, pediatric. (2019, November 15). Lippincott Procedures (New Zealand Instance). 

In-text citation 

If paraphrasing: ("Peak flow meter use, pediatric", 2019)       If quoting: ("Peak flow meter use, pedatric", 2019, para. 5)

(Note: Lippincott Procedures entries are updated regularly.  Thus, you need to include the full date in your reference  - e.g. (2020, March 14)). para = paragraph)


Entry from Lippincott Advisor

Reference List

Osteomyelitis. (2020, January 3). Lippincott Advisor (New Zealand Instance).

In-text citation 

If paraphrasing: ("Osteomyelitis", 2020).       If quoting: ("Osteomyelitis", 2020, para. 2)

(Note: Lippincott Advisor entries are updated regularly.  Thus, you need to include the full date in your reference  - e.g. (2020, March 14)). para. = paragraph)


DHB policy/guidelines (with named authors)

Reference List

Liley, A., Wright, J., Dijkstra, K., Frear, D., Shepherd, M., Taylor, E., Anderson, B., & Drake, R. (2020). Tramadol: Advice on the use in New Zealand children. Starship Clinical Guidelines. Retrieved September 11, 2020, from https://www.starship.org.nz/guidelines/tramadol-advice-on-the-use-in-new-zealand-children

In-text citation 

If paraphrasing: (Liley et al., 2020)       If quoting: (Liley et al., 2020, p. 10) 


DHB policy/guidelines (with DHB as author)

Reference List

Waitemata District Health Board. (2020). Palliative care: Opioid conversion guide. Medicine resources. Retrieved September 11, 2020 from http://www.saferx.co.nz/assets/Documents/bb2a9d2d7a/Opioid_dose_conversion_guide.pdf

In-text citation 

If paraphrasing: (Waitemata District Health Board, 2020)       If quoting: (Waitemata District Health Board, 2020, para. 5)

(Note: para. = paragraph)


Medsafe datasheet

Reference List

Mylan. (2019, October 9). Loxamine [Data sheet]. 

In-text citation 

If paraphrasing: (Mylan, 2019)       If quoting: (Mylan, 2019, para. 2)

(Note: para. = paragraph)



(Add extra information in the note.  This can be omitted if you have no further information to further explain the x-ray)

From a website or online archive

Around the x-ray image, follow this format:

Figure 1

PA Chest [x-ray image] (Waitakere District Health Board, 2019). 

(The actual image)

Note: X-ray of a man in his fifties with early signs of lung cancer.  


Just before the Reference List

Add a section to categorize and give credit to all the figures according to the different hospital where the images were taken.

e.g. North Shore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, Figs. 1-5, 2-7, 2-8.


In Reference List

Waitemata District Health Board. (2019). PA Chest [x-ray image]. Waitakere Hospital Archive. https:


Radiology Report

Reference List

Morris, L. (2018, June 12). Left forearm, AdventHealthImaging. New York. https://

In text citation  

If paraphrasing: (Morris, 2018)       If quoting: (Morris, 2018, p. 3)


Data Set

Reference List

Ministry of Health. (2019). Fetal and infant deaths 2016 [Data set]. 

In-text citation (Ministry of Health, 2019)