APA referencing 7th edition

A guide to APA referencing (7th edition). APA stands for American Psychological Association

Referencing Music & Podcasts

At the end of your assignment, essay or project you must include a reference list that gives the full details of each source. The list should be in alphabetical order and include the author, composer and/or performer and publication information (if it is a published work, eg. book or magazine/journal article).

For how to handle multiple authors, see 'Referencing Books'

(Note: It is not usually necessary to specify how you listened to an album or song)

Music Album

Contemporary Music

Reference List

Lavigne, A. (2019). Head above water [Album]. BMG.

In-text citation (Lavigne, 2019)

(Note: You can add extra words after the word "Album" by putting a semi-colon and then the extra details)


Reference List

Beatles. (2009). Abbey Road [Album; Digitally Remastered]. Apple/EMI Records.


Beatles. (2009). Abbey Road [Album; Digitally Remastered]. Apple/EMI Records. (Original work published 1969).

In-text citation (Beatles, 2009)


Classical Music 

Reference List

Bach,  J. S. (2010). The Brandenburg concertos: Concertos BWV 1043 & 1060 [Album recorded by Academy of St Martin in the Fields]. Decca. (Original work published 1721).

In-text citation (Bach, 2010)


Single song

Contemporary Music

Reference List

Lady Antebellum. (2010). American honey [Song]. On Need you now. Capitol Nashville.

In-text citation (Lady Antebellum, 2010)


Classical Music 

Reference List

Beethoven, L. van. (2012). Symphony no. 3 in E-flat major [Song recorded by Staatskapelle Dresden]. On Beethoven: Complete symphonies. Brilliant Classics. (Original work published 1804). 

In-text citation (Beethoven, 2012)

(Note: You can omit the album section if the song you are citing has no associated album.)


Music Score

Body, J. (2005). Melodies for orchestra [Music score]. Waiteata Music Press.

In-text citation (Body, 2005)

(If the music score is online, add the URL after the Publishers/Producers name.)



Single Podcast Episode

Reference List

du Plessis-Allan, H (Host). (2020, February 26). Trelise Cooper (No. 8). [Audio podcast episode]. In HP Business Class. Newztalk ZB. https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/podcasts/hp-business-class-audio/hp-business-class-episode-8-trelise-cooper/

In-text citation (du Plessis-Allan, 2020)


Podcast as a whole

Reference List

Fasano, A., & Knutson, C. (Hosts). (2015-present). The civil engineering podcast [Audio podcast]. Engineering Management Institute. https://engineeringmanagementinstitute.org/cep-podcast/

In-text citation (Fasano & Knutson, 2015-present)

Things to remember

Authors' names : Use the Producer and the Director of a film in the place of the authors.


Dates of Films :Dates for films should be the date of first release, not when the video/DVD was published.


Italics : Only the film title or title of the CD-ROM should be in italics. 


Capitalization : The first letter of the first word of a title should be capitalized as should the first letter of the first word of any subtitle.  Everything else should be in lower case unless it is a proper noun or an abbreviation that is always written in capitals.