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Vendors' copyright terms of use

This gives you information on copyright terms of use for databases and eresources

Vendors' copyright terms of use


  1. Can I make multiple copies of articles from this database?
  2. Can I link the URL of an article in Moodle?
    Yes you can put the URL link on Moodle to allow students to access the database.
  3. Can I put a copy of a PDF on Moodle?
    No. Only the URL link can be put on Moodle


“Authorized users mean individuals who are affiliated with an institutional licensee, currently enrolled students, full/part-time staff, affiliated and visiting researchers and on-site users”

“Permitted uses:

  1. Research activities
  2. Classroom or organizational instruction
  3. Student assignments
  4. As part of a scholarly, cultural, educational or organizational presentation
  5. In research papers or dissertations
  6. Linking

Prohibited uses:

  1. Use for commercial purposes, including charging  a fee-for service beyond reasonable printing or administrative costs
  2. Reproduce or distribute content in bulk any form, such as by including content in course packs, electronic reserves or organizations intranets.”

Retrieved: 13/04/2016 from

This information is out of date.  Please contact the copyright officer.